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Name: Shini
Plurk: [ profile] RShini
Other characters played: Sinbad

Name: Thomas Lowma
Canon: Suikoden 3
Overview: An ordinary, gentle young man made to take over a crumbling castle to keep from embarrassing his father with his existence, but finds himself getting tangled up in the growing war between the Grassland Tribes, Zexan and Harmonium and finding himself starting to take on the role of a leader.
Enrollment Status: New Transfer
Species: Ordinary Human
AU Overview: Thomas' real father is the CEO of a major corporation who had an affair with one of his employees, and basically paid massive amounts of hush money to keep her quiet when she fell pregnant, with a vague promise he'll look after the kid if something were to happen to her.

His mother ended up dying of illness while in his early teens, and he was directed to Lowma - who was not happy to find his illegitimate child on his doorsteps (his wife wasn't too thrilled). Mr. Lowma decided he would honor his obligation to make sure he's all right, but wanted nothing to do with him, and enrolled Thomas in St. Augustus as a year round student, not realizing it's a very special kind of school.
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Player Name: Shini
Contact Info: AIM Shinigamikitsune Plurk RShini
Other Characters Played: Bedwyr, Indiana Jones, Ky Kiske, Waka

Character Name: Thomas
Canon: Suikoden

Canon Background:

AU Background: As with the canon background, he is the child of a traveling merchant, never knowing who his father was until the caravan was ambushed by bandits. As she lay dying, she told him where to find a ring and letter that instructed him as to who his father was and where to find him, believing that he’ll be cared for.

However, the difference is that his father was not merely a councilman, but king of The Nameless states who already had a wife and child. Even though his legitimate son had ran away long before, the king refused to acknowledge Thomas as his child, and decided that Thomas must be there to extort him, he gave young man an apprenticeship to some out of the way administration job and kept the evidence Thomas brought in a drawer.

Despite the obvious rejection, Thomas put his nose to the grind and went headlong into his job. All the while he hopes that his father would eventually accept him.

Then the king up and died. While Thomas was mourning the lost chance of family, the royal advisors were scrambling to find the heir. Several scouts were sent out to find the runaway prince, while the servants tore The King’s room apart searching for clues as to who else can succeed and discovered the hidden letter.

The next thing Thomas knew, he was seized from his office and dragged before an impromptu council and interrogated. Just when he thought he was being accused of some crime, he was informed that in the absent of all other candidates that he is now the Regent of the Nameless States, ruling until either they find the real prince or declare the prince dead.

The coronation was hasty, and people were doubtful that a bastard could rule effectively, especially one so young – especially with the tension between the Grasslands and Zexan population building. The Regent has a lot of work ahead of him.

Personality: Thomas is a life-long wallflower who only recently started to come out of his shell (or casing, or pod if you want a slightly more appropriate meshing of metaphors). When he speaks - unless it's someone that he is familiar and comfortable with - use many place holder sounds like 'um' or 'er', and hesitate, half afraid to look foolish, and trying hard not to offend the person he's speaking to, stuttering when he’s extremely scared or nervous. Even with that, he's surprisingly effective in persuading people to his side - hinting at a good dollop of charisma buried under his shyness and uncertainty. The uncertainty disappears when he’s at the defense of another, speaking frankly and openly noting the holes in his opponent’s argument.

However, Thomas is not entirely spineless - though a pacifist by nature, and a terrible fighter, the young man has a near-suicidal tendency to jump at the defense of another person with either words, or even sword if he feels that he really, really must fight. Hell, he's more likely to stand up for another person then himself (his self-esteem is very low).

The young man is an also effective taskmaster despite his lack of force of presence, able to intuitively to come up with an answer to a person's problem - a skill he can't seem to apply to himself, sadly. On top of that, he has a strong work ethic (in fact, he doesn't mind working at all!) and good organizational skills and business acumen he learned from his mother.

Unlike most people in Dagaria, he honestly sees no division between the different races and nations, treating a fairy or beastman the same as a Zeon prince or Imperial Guard. He’ll even defy Imperial law if he feels it to be unjust, hiding fugitives if it seems they were given a bad shake. He will even expel the elite guard if they’re rude to his guests or his people. For Thomas, the people come first, not the nebulous entity of the empire.

Combat Style: Thomas is not naturally a fighter but he can defend himself if he must. He wield his grandfather’s sword and while he is not a powerful attacker, the young man makes up for it with his nimbleness being surprisingly accurate and extremely good at parrying, but he will lose to more skill swordsmen in a straight up duel. He is however, very determined, long as he has the energy, he will get up again and again to protect something important.

He also carries two runes in him: The Wind and the Shield Rune. The Wind rune has spells that induce sleep in enemies, heal allies, and cause damage by creating frighteningly powerful gusts. The Shield rune also heals allies, as well as boosting magic or physical powers for a short time. Thomas has minor resistance to magic, being able to shrug off enchantments easier as a result (Pretty much this is rule of plot).

Kingdom or Faction: The Nameless States – Faction Leader

Primary Role: Courtier

Soldier or Siege Company: n/a

Tarot Cards: Moon, Star, Sun

Title: Officially Regent, unofficially “The Tenkai Star”

Artifacts: none!

Setting Considerations: The existence of runes, crystals formed that contain various powers that with the assistance of skilled mages that can transformed into a rune that is attached to a user who can then cast the appropriate spells for a limited amount of time per day or use passively. This allows even non-mages to use magic but they are rare and usually found by chance.

Most people can wield two runes, but those with better aptitude towards magic can carry a third rune on their forehead.

Notes: I’m flexible on limits for runes, perhaps unusable for people who already canonically use magic?

Sample Post:
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Th-this isn't good.

Harmonia pushed most of the Clans back, and it do-doesn't sound like that they're willing to let things be. I just can't stand he-here and do nothing!

Oh Goddess, what should I do?
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"I... I changed my mind!" Thomas turned to the Knights as the staff ran out to stop him, pleading for the men to stop. "You have to drag me out by force." The young man stepped away as Sir Leo and Sir Percival glanced at each other in shock.

"You're coming with us, and that's that!" Leo bellowed as he reached for the large axe - but soon found a little girl with a spear pointed right at him.

"Get out of here, or else I'm going to stick this spear up your fat butt if you try to take Master Thomas away!" Cecile exclaimed.

Juan and Muto soon joined her, fist raises.

"I'm the Bujitsu Master of the Castle - it's going to be costly!" "Muto's not letting you go with Thomas!"

Soon the portly Sebastian and the older Martha stood to form the circle around the two knights.

"Well, never did like your types barging in whenever you please. This is my home!"

Suddenly the sunken-eyed library seemed to appear from nowhere, tapping the bigger of the two knights on the shoulder. "... Please leave." Eike whispered in a raspy, deep tone.

"Leo -" Percival remarked, trying to conceal a smile as the timid young man now looked at them with such a stern expression on his face. "Come on, let's go."


"We're Knights, if you swing your Axe around, you're going to hit some innocent folks." The spike-haired man stepped back, past Eike. With a grunt, the large Leo stalks off after him.

"Phew..." Juan slumped to the ground, the grass hung limply from his lips. "I was afraid he would take the bluff."

"..Th-thank you guys," Thomas started before he was suddenly hugged by Cecile, then Muto and Sebastian leaped on top of him, nearly suffocating the young man under their affections.

After giving the poor fellow some breathing room, their discussion turned to the fact that a real army will now come after them, besides the obvious planning there is the matter of the Castle itself.

"You don't have to keep that name, it's your Castle, Thomas."

"But uhm, what about the name - isn't it significant?" The young man cocked his head.

"Oh, well there's probably a reason, but the problem is that people have a hard time pronouncing Budehuc. You are our Master, so go ahead."

"Er... Let me think about it, I want it to be a good name."
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He overstepped his bounds. He knew it.

But - Thomas didn't care. Hugo was nice, he was just trying to do something right. And he was so young (though Thomas knew he had no room to talk when it comes to age).

"...I don't blame anyone but the Bandits for what happened, and as I said - I'm not really a Zexan. I just, uhm - well I just think that where you are born is no reason to be a subject of hate. That's what I'm trying to do, Hugo."

"I don't know how you coul-" The Chieftan's son started.

"Hey there!" The Minister had bellowed - cutting him off. "It's him! The Karayan boy. Hand him over, he's got an arrest warrant in Vinay Del Zexay!"

"Huh?" Thomas blinked at the large bellowing man as Hugo backed away as his companions came out from no where. "A... wa-warrant?"

"I'm not going with you, I didn't do anything!" The boy goes to unsheathed a dagger, the Duck and the Tinto outlanders reached for their swords.

Thomas didn't realize he stepped between the approaching Zexan soldiers and the motley crew until he opened his mouth. "Sir," The young man started with an uncharacteristic frigid tone in his voice. "Please tell me you did not come all the way here just to insult our guests?" His eyes narrowed. There was a startled sound behind him, but he was focused on how red the Minister's face had become.

"What do you think you're doing?! You're harboring a criminal, and you're flaunting our laws!"

"I am the master of the castle, and what I say is the law on these grounds. Please leave the premises at once, you're upsetting the guests." Thomas cut him off.

Even though he knew he just 'screwed himself over' (as many Nexusians would put it), he felt a sort of giddy pride as he replayed the exchange in his head. He stood up to those councilmen, and he didn't even stutter!

"Master Thomas!" Cecile exclaimed. "Com'on, we got to finish with these dummies or they can't escape!"

"Oh-oh! I'm sorry - I'm almost done here."

Well - what will what may as they say. He'll worry about the response later.
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Okay, everyone. I'm fine, sorry I haven't been communicating for the last bit... er, had a bit of an accident.

Well, I'm in a bit of trouble with the Zexan Council, so I might not be around in person in the Nexus. Don't worry, I'm sure nothing will come of it.
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He... He disowned me?!

I... I, know th-that I wasn't uhm, ex-exactly welcomed...

that I, I've been se-sent here to keep out of his hair. I kinda thought maybe, if... I could make th-this castle a success, not... not only would my friends be al-allowed to stay....


Oooh, What am I going to do?
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Apparently I turned into a magpie, thanks to that horrible ring. I know I've been neglecting you, Journal, in my work and in my exploration of the Nexus - but I will try not to be so bad at keeping you up to date.

Basically... this weird ring appeared in the Sanctuary when Kyon and I were looking for a game. I - I had this sudden urge to put it on, and when I did, it said it would help me with the castle, and that Kyon was not really a friend. I tried to tell him wrong, but when Kyon grabbed for it, now that I looked back, because he was sure something was wrong, I believed it.

Then it did things to my memory, twisting it - like somehow I never lived in Budehuc itself, running it, instead, I was roosting in a tree, and - like I wasn't human at all. I thought we got rid of the ring.

Then it reappeared in my tea cup, I remember fighting with several people for it.

Then... uhm realizing that Kyon was holding me, and I had no clothes on!

I do not want to go through this again!
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The Castle next to the Lake had obviously seen better days - the walls around it are crumbling in place, and the castle itself is swathed in ivy, but it was the charm of a well-worn manor with the rich red brick, and fluted white columns.

Budehuc was by no means empty - if one enters by the main steps, they would see that several shops had formed a half-circle around an old fountain, as small groups of people milled about, chatting, bartering, and sight-seeing. There are white-feathered Duck folks, tall scaly yellow and green lizardmen, people of various skin tones and costumes, it looked almost like some place out of a children's story. The whole place gave off a very welcoming, open-arms feeling to anyone passing through, or looking for a place to get off their feet.

At the gate is a young girl in plate armor, hefting a spear, carefully watching for signs of trouble, with several bundle-carrying dogs resting by her feet.

The air has the fresh clean scent of the lake, a whiff of horses, vegetables ripening in the sun, and flowers blooming on the summer day.

((Budehuc is open to all visitors, but mind your manners. If anyone acts hostile in here without good cause, Thomas will try to evict you.))
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Thomas tossed and turned for hours - fretting over events in the nexus. How he suddenly got consumed by the desire for the ring... like a voice had nudged him, told him that it would lead to treasure... treasure enough to outright buy the castle, restore it - make it beautiful, grand.

That Kyon would steal it all from him - he was a terrible manipulative thief who was just friends with him to steal the precious shiny ring, that.... Then it got worse - his very memories were turned against him, to bird-like mockeries, he wasn't a castle master th-that....

He squeezed his eyes and tried to sleep, forgetting that he went as far as to attack his friend. Eventually he went adrift, sinking into the bed.

But sleep was no escape )

Thomas whimpered as something cool and damp touched his forehead, jerking him abruptly from the nightmare. As the sunlight slowly vanished the night demons, he noticed Sebastian is leaning over him, sleeves rolled up, holding a wadded up washcloth.

"...huuu?" The Castle Master murmured blearily.

"Oh! Thank Goodness you're okay, Master Thomas! We were afraid you were ill!" The man blustered as he realized that the teen was awake.

"Wh...why?" Thomas pushed himself into a sitting position as he rubbed his eyes, and realized he was drenched with sweat.

"You didn't wake up at your normal time, and you were feverish, and refused to stir when I tried to rouse you!" He quickly explained. "It looks like it broke already! But you should rest!"

"Nnnh... no. I'll be fine, uhm, re-really, just tell everyone that I'm s-s-sorry for worrying them." The young man stammered, and then repeated himself. "I'll be down later, just go ahead with business."

With a worried bow, the heavyset butler left Thomas be.

Once alone, he curled up into a ball, whispering 'It's just a nightmare' repeatedly until he could feel like he can get up.
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Go here and reload until you get five quotes that sum up your philosophy or outlook, then post them.
When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.
Milan Kundera (1929 - ), The Unbearable Lightness of Being

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.
Robert H. Goddard (1882 - 1945)

An idea isn't worth that much. It's the execution of the idea that has value. If you can't convince one other person that this is something to devote your life to, then it's not worth it.
Joel Spolsky, Sink or Swim, SXSW 2006

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)

I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions.
Lillian Hellman (1905 - 1984), letter to Committee on Un-American Activities of the House of Representatives, May 19, 1952

The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you.
Anita Roddick, A Revolution in Kindness, 2003
Uhm... I know it only said 5, but I just can't narrow it down any further, s-sorry.
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Thomas' eyelids fluttered as the noise continued. After the fifth 'Plink', he stumbled out of the bed, and staggered to his window, bleary-eyed and confused.

"Thomas!" Cecile called out as soon as he threw open the shutters. "Get dressed and come down here!"

Okay... what is it that they couldn't come in and wake me up for? The Castle's steward thought as he hastily threw on some clothes and splashed his face with water before hurrying down.

"Cecile? Muto? What's going on?" He asked as the guard and storehouse keeper quickly grabbed him by the arm.

"We got a surprise for you!" The Kobold barked as they quickly carted the young man off, who quickly ended up being literally dragged, unable to keep up with their pace.

"Ta-da!" The two threw their hands out at what they wanted Thomas to see so badly.

"Wha...what?!" The young man blinked in shock as he stared at several piles of building materials, and the fact most of the residents are sitting patiently, with various tools in their hands. "...uhm, wha... what's going on?" He questioned as he cocked his head.

"Well, Master Thomas," Sebastian wiped his brow. "Since we have been having problems acquiring any contractor work, everyone had put their heads together, and decided that we will do our own repairs."

"Bu...! Th-thank you!" Thomas exclaimed as he leaned forward, hands spread out out in shock as his eyes visibly widen. "I... I don't know what to say!"

"Uhm..." A young boy wearing a red scarf spoke up. "Does any of us actually know how to fix a roof?"

There was silence.

"Er... I know a few folks who did some wo-work...." Thomas started. "I, I'll see if I can contact them."
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"So... we're ignoring Zexan law? But Master Thomas! We could get into so much trouble!"

"Hey, it's jointly shared with the Grassland, so not all the laws have to apply!"

"Bu-but, we can't just cherry-pick what we can and cannot obey."

"Er... but, uhm - Look, Mr. Sebastian." Thomas cut into the argument. "You well... did mention that in order for them to approve of any shops here, they would require a bribe." The young man tilted his head at them, and when there is no corrections, he continued. "We... we cannot afford to make the necessary fees by themselves, let alone these bribes. And... well, If we did somehow get Zexan approval...."

"They'll probably only approve Zexan Businesses." Martha finished for him.

"Ex-exactly. I think we should lease the land - that's what we do in the Outlands. We will find interested people." Thomas stood up from the desk, and looked to the others. "I want the word to be spread."

"Yes sir!"
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It started off as a simple request, a woman from Iksay village asked if Thomas could find her son Thomas (the Coincidence has not been left unremarked on by the staff), for he had disappeared.
The things we are responsible for )
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Thomas leaned against the wall to catch her breath for the fifth time today. She had swapped out the swath of canvas for bandages from the kit, it eased up a little on the tightness and the pinching.

Nnh, maybe I still got it on too tight, She thought as she wiggled, trying to adjust it without lifting up her shirt. Once she did as much as she could, Thomas closed her eyes - just absorbing the coolness of the cellar walls (least she assumes they would be called Cellars in a place like this). It felt pretty much...

The place wasn't so bad, sure it's run down, maybe it's neck-deep in unfiled paperwork and the staff is ridiculously small. But it's got charm - a beautiful view at shore, the great people... the -

uneven stairs that she really should be paying attention to.

With a sudden start as her foot landed on air, Thomas's arms flailed in a very good imitation of a windmill and a spastic bird, though sadly it completely does nothing to keep her from losing her unused-to new sense of balance. She cried out in alarm as she tumbled down the remain steps and crashed into a free-standing torch.

She was vaguely aware of a POP! and a THUD! as the world started to pirouette around her and went blurry. Oh... how great, Thomas thought before she went out like a light.

* * *
Of course, she'll never get an easy time of things )

Now what?

Apr. 27th, 2009 03:55 pm
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Dear Journal,

What a night...

I came into the Sanctuary to visit a few people I had met in the Nexus, and Miss Midna had found this 'Radio', It played some sort of loud, weird song. My ears are still ringing from it... anyways.

The next thing I knew, I was turned into a woman! Er... actually, everyone in the room got their sex changed! Some uh, took it better then others, some a little too well. Some things are never meant to be so bouncy, or... having so much *teeth*

I went home, and hope it wore off once I went bed... no such luck. I'd took the girls... mens? advice to try to pass myself off as a man, but I'm not sure if I'm doing the binding right, it kind of hurts to move my torso too much. And uh, I think I can say I'm sick if anyone notices.

I'm not sure whether to be relieved or not that my voice hasn't really changed all that much.
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Yipes, I got my work cut out for me.

Budehuc Castle is beautiful, in the past, and it still has a nice charm. But it's really terribly run-down, and only about six people still live and work there. There's huge, gaping holes in the rear walls, enough cobwebs to weave into a tablecloth...

And there's the ship! Some huge galleon got itself wedged up against the castle, making oddly convenient holes in both itself and the basement hall that you can walk in and out whichever one. It'd be might neat... if the entrance wasn't at what looks like a graveyard (yipes!)

There's a lot of work, and I do not know where to begin, but the people here are nice. Cecile is a little zealous about protecting the castle, but I can tell she has a good heart, Sebastian is a little stuff I guess but he knows about Budehuc better then anyone else.

Well, I'm going to turn in and talk with everyone else tomorrow.
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